148kg Tuna Caught

What a phenomenal day!
Had a late bite on the bluefin on Monday, hooking up to 3 jumbo fish just before 3:00pm, but unfortunately losing 1 fish on the first run.
An hour or so in, it became apparent that these were no ordinary fish. At 4 hours and well into dark we finally managed to land the smaller of the two fish, weighing in at a whopping 148kg! The larger of the fish however just didn’t want to budge. At 5 hours we marked the fish at 20m but then suddenly It did a big run and was bitten off by a shark.
After such a long battle it was a bit devastating, but I think we can all say that we’re absolutely over the moon to have managed to land such an amazing fish out of the 3. This fish was also tagged & we look forward to finding out its story and sharing it with you.