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Boat Hire Narooma

Narooma boat hire. Pick up boat on trailer and explore any of the local estuaries or waterways.

narooma boat hire

Narooma Hire Boat 4.1M

4.1 Meter Polycraft with 40hp Yamaha motor. Sounder, with structure scan and GPS. Live boat tank, electric motor. Max 4 people. Hire & Drive. Pick up vessel on trailer and explore any of the local estuaries or waterways around Narooma.

Duration: 1 Day Hours (approx.)

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History of Montague Island

Narooma Tours & Charter Fish Narooma News from Montague Island

The original spelling of Montague Island was Montagu! The spelling changed to Montague on the 2nd June 1972. There is no explanation in why the spelling of the name changed. Montague Island was named after the second Earl of Halifax George Montagu Dunk, Montague Island started as a hill than a headland and now a… Read more »

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