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Private Fishing Charter Narooma NSW

  • Option  of 1/2 day morning, afternoon or full day charter aboard Playstation or Nitro privately for yourself, family, with friends or business events. Playstation can take up to 8 people and Nitro up to 24 people but we recommend up to 12 people for 1/2 day fishing charter.   Game fishing up to 6 people  on Playstation and 9 people on Nitro.
  • We can offer  some of the best sport and game fishing on the south coast
  • 2 purpose built fishing boat Nitro and Playstation. We have a range of charter options such as our private charterboat and can cater for small and large groups.
  • We supply all tackle, bait, fishing licence, drinks (water and soft drink) and we will also give you a hand to clean your catch!
  • We depart from Yellow Boat Shed, Mill Bay Boat Ramp, Narooma
  • We also run shared 1/2 Day fishing charter and Full Day Fishing Charters.
  • Charter Fish Narooma uses the latest top quality gear available from our fishing tackle, lures to electronics.
  • Sponsored by Daiwa Fishing Tackle Australia, our fishing charters offer the chance to use the latest rods and reels and technology on the market and with.
kingfish caught in narooma

Our fishing charters are powered by our two charter boats, Playstation & Nitro II:

What is Included:

• All Fishing Tackle & Bait     • Ice      • Fishing Licence     • Drinks (water and soft drink)

  • We will give you a hand to clean your catch

We depart in the morning or afternoon from the Yellow Boat Shed, Mill Bay Boat Ramp.

BoatShedBLUBAR narooma

What you will catch on our fishing charters:

Depending on your preference of fishing, either heading to the Island, fishing for King Fish, Bonito, Morwong, and Snapper, or  if booking a full day trying the deep water fishing, bottom of the continental shelf to catch a Blue Eye,Tasmania Trumpeter and Hapuku or a varied of other deep sea species. Or fish the surface for pelagic and game fish, Tuna, Marin, sharks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise the experience on a private fishing charter?

Absolutely! When you opt for a private fishing charter with Charter Fish Narooma, customisation is one of the key advantages. Whether it’s a half-day or full day private charter, you’ll have the flexibility to tailor the experience to your preferences. You can choose the duration of the charter, the type of fishing you prefer (game fishing or deep-sea fishing), and even specify your target fish species. This ensures a personalised and memorable fishing adventure for you, your family, or friends.

What are the advantages of selecting a private charter over a shared one?

Opting for a private fishing charter comes with several advantages. Firstly, the exclusivity ensures a more intimate experience, whether you’re with your family, friends, or hosting a business event. With Playstation accommodating up to 8 people and Nitro II catering to larger groups, you have the entire boat for your party. This provides more space and a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, on a private charter, you have the flexibility to customise the experience, making it a truly personalised adventure.

Do private fishing charters provide a more personalised learning experience?

Absolutely! Charter Fish Narooma takes pride in offering not just a fishing excursion but a learning experience. On a private fishing charter, our expert crew is dedicated to providing personalised guidance, sharing insights into the best fishing techniques, and assisting beginners or those looking to enhance their skills. With the latest top-quality gear, you not only enjoy a great fishing experience but also have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, ensuring a rewarding and educational adventure.

Can I request specific fish species to target on a private charter?

Certainly! One of the perks of choosing a private fishing charter is the ability to request specific fish species to target. Whether you’re envisioning the thrill of catching King Fish, Bonito, Morwong, Snapper, Blue Eye, Tasmania Trumpeter, Hapuku, or other sought-after deep-sea species, we cater to your individual preferences. What sets us apart is our extensive local expertise, ensuring we know precisely where and when to find these species. This knowledge, honed over time on the south coast, enhances your chances of a successful and rewarding fishing expedition.

What should I consider when budgeting for a private fishing charter?

When budgeting for a private fishing charter, consider the duration of the charter (1/2 day or full day), the number of people in your party, and the type of fishing experience you want. While Playstation is suitable for smaller groups, Nitro II can accommodate larger parties. Charter Fish Narooma provides all essential amenities, including tackle, bait, fishing license, and drinks (water and soft drink). Additionally, the exclusivity and personalised nature of a private charter contribute to a unique and worthwhile experience, making it a valuable investment for those seeking a premium fishing adventure on the south coast.