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5 Things to Consider Before Taking Your Family in a Fishing Charter Trip

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family fishing charter

Families love escaping on adventures together. There is nothing like bonding over new experiences in a stunning natural environment.

If that is your family’s desire, a fishing charter trip is the perfect adventure gateway.

5 Essentials for Your Family Fishing Charter

Before you pack and head out to sea, here are five essential things to consider, ensuring your family fishing charter is smooth sailing:

#1 Pick the Right Charter for Your Fishing Trip

When it comes to family fishing charters, it is important to look for operators that cater to families and kids. For such a trip, you’ll want a crew that understands how to keep little ones engaged.

Charter size also matters for family fishing trips. Larger charters that pack in lots of people won’t give you much personal attention or space. The crew of a smaller charter can help your family set up and teach you how best to reel.

It is crucial to consider amenities as well. If you have kids, look for kids’ fishing charters with key facilities, including a bathroom, indoor seating, and other important amenities. For family fishing trips, a little extra comfort goes a long way.

At Charter Fishing Narooma, we provide kid-friendly gear for the little ones’ fun. We are well experienced in taking families out on the blue sea of Narooma. Our charter goes after kid-friendly fish in calm waters. Your loved ones will go home with amazing memories.

#2 Pick the Perfect Destination for Your Family Fishing Trip

Picking the perfect destination is key to any successful family fishing trip. It means finding somewhere with lots of options to keep everyone happy.

No destination fits the perfection of a family fishing trip better than Montague Island. This little island off the coast of Narooma on the Sapphire Coast of Australia, NSW, is a favourite spot.

It offers reef fishing for snapper, morwong, and flathead. It is also home to fur seals, little penguins, and over 100 bird species. The children will love spotting whales and dolphins along the way.

Our family-friendly fishing charters run year-round. All equipment and bait are provided, so you just need to bring your sense of adventure. If you prefer calmer sea, estuary fishing in the nearby Narooma inlet is perfect.

Narooma checks all the boxes for an enjoyable getaway that promises fun for you and your loved ones. The educational experience your children will have is priceless.

#3 Adhere to Safety Fishing Tips for Your Kids

When taking kids on fishing charters, their safety should be your top priority. As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure our little ones have a fun experience that doesn’t end in tears. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you board the boat:

  • Ensure they use proper safety fishing gear

Explain the rules before they board the boat, like staying seated while the boat is moving. Teach them how to handle the fishing gear.

Go over what is okay to touch and what is off-limits on the boat. Constant reminders and supervision will help avoid accidents while fishing.

  • Keep them entertained

Pack snacks, food, drinks, and games to keep the kids occupied on the ride out to the fishing spots.

Have them take turns helping the captain spot fish or work the equipment. Keeping them engaged will prevent restlessness and increase their knowledge about fishing.

By taking a few extra precautions, fishing charters can be a rewarding experience for all.

#4 Pick the Best Time of Day for Fishing

charter fish narooma

Timing is key when it comes to catching fish. Fishing charters scheduled properly can have a big impact on the success of fishing trips. It is important to consider some things when booking your fishing trip.

The fish are the most active feeding during the early morning and evening. This means more opportunities for the little ones to feel a tug on the line and reel in a fish. The kids catching their first fish will fuel enthusiasm for the rest of the fishing trip.

The midday sun can be sweltering, especially for kids. Avoid it. Pack fishing essentials you need to prevent sunburn for greatest comfort. Your kids will appreciate not baking in the sun all day to catch a fish.

With the right timing and preparation, fishing charters can create lifelong memories. Choose the best time of the day. Keep the kids’ needs in mind. This will help ensure you all have an amazing fishing experience.

#5 Make Memories by Documenting Your Fishing Adventure

When you’re out on the water, the fun’s not over once you’ve reeled in your catch. Some of the best memories from fishing charters are made after the rods and reels have been put away.

Snap plenty of photos throughout your fishing trip. Snap selfies with the crew, shots of the sunrise over the water, and your kids reeling their first catch.

Once you’re back on land, gather everyone together for a big group photo.

Do short video clips with your phone about your fishing trip. Footage capturing your child’s expressions will transport you back to a day filled with laughter and adventure.

Have every member write a short account of their favourite part of the day. Compiling these personal perspectives into a trip journal gives you a well-rounded memento.

Creating visual and written records of your family’s experiences together is a way to strengthen your bond.

Looking back at these photos, videos, or journals will bring back cherished memories of the ocean.

Memories may fade, but the memento will keep them vivid for a lifetime to come.


There you have it, the 5 things to consider before taking your family on a fishing charter trip. With the right charter and preparation, you’ll be sure to creates memories that will last forever.

Tight lines and calm seas, friend! Let the adventure begin. Who knows, our family-friendly team may help you discover you have a few budding anglers among your loved-ones. Book your family trip today!