148kg Tuna Caught

What a phenomenal day!
Had a late bite on the bluefin on Monday, hooking up to 3 jumbo fish just before 3:00pm, but unfortunately losing 1 fish on the first run.
An hour or so in, it became apparent that these were no ordinary fish. At 4 hours and well into dark we finally managed to land the smaller of the two fish, weighing in at a whopping 148kg! The larger of the fish however just didn’t want to budge. At 5 hours we marked the fish at 20m but then suddenly It did a big run and was bitten off by a shark.
After such a long battle it was a bit devastating, but I think we can all say that we’re absolutely over the moon to have managed to land such an amazing fish out of the 3. This fish was also tagged & we look forward to finding out its story and sharing it with you.

Lots and lots of Whales







It has been an excellent season for whale watching with still lots and lots of whales around.

Narooma Whale Watching Highlights include

  • Complete whale watching tour with an experienced guide
  • See large pods of dolphins, which general feed with the whales and often visit the boat to play in the wake. You will find yourself almost being able to touch them. Also see schools of fish, birds and other fascinating wildlife
  • A visit to the largest seal colony in NSW, where you can see seals and their pups up close
  • Our Montague Island and Lighthouse tours include free whale watching, where depending on the tour you can see the little penguins returning to shore at dusk for a complete wildlife experience!

Free Whale Watching with all our Montague Island Tours during the Narooma Whale Watching season from around September to November.