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Unveiling Narooma’s Ocean Bounty: Snapper, Kingfish, and Gummy Sharks

By September 21, 2017March 21st, 2024No Comments

After a very quite few weeks things are starting to kick into gear for us here in Narooma, snapper fishing is really starting to improve for us here on the coast with fish up to 70cm. The past couple day with 67 and 68cm fish landed and plenty smaller snapper. We have also caught a couple small kingfish and seen a few schools of bigger kingfish starting to move around Montague Island and with the water temp warming up to around 16.4 degrees we could be in with an early kingfish season.

Snapper fishing narooma Snapper fishing narooma

Bluefin Tuna season Narooma

Bluefin Tuna season started well for us her and ended very quickly with the fish moving on early  in July. good numbers of bluefin Tuna have been caught off Sydney and now Wollongong. in the past few days and with the water pushing souther is is always a chance of a late season bite in the next 2 weeks. Fingers Crossed!

On a different note, whales are well and truely here and the next 2 months are the best time of the year for whale watching and penguins tours!


Embarking on an angling adventure off Narooma’s coast promises not just a day on the water but an exhilarating journey into the realm of marine bounty. Let’s delve deeper into the recent exploits and promising prospects that await avid anglers in these azure waters.

Snapper Sensation

As the temperatures begin to rise, so does the excitement among anglers as snapper fishing takes centre stage. Reports of impressive catches, including specimens measuring up to a whopping 70cm, signal the onset of a promising season. The recent capture of a majestic 92cm snapper at Montague Island has set pulses racing, highlighting the potential for extraordinary hauls in these fertile waters. With the mercury hovering around 16.4 degrees, indications point towards an early and bountiful snapper season, beckoning enthusiasts to cast their lines with fervour.


snapper in narooma

Kingfish Chronicles

While the kingfish action has been somewhat sporadic, astute anglers have spotted schools of larger kingfish loitering around Montague Island, hinting at an imminent surge in activity. Although the catches have been modest, with only a few legal specimens gracing the decks, the prospect of encountering these powerful predators adds an electrifying element to every expedition. With water temperatures inching towards a balmy 18 degrees, expectations are high for a flourishing kingfish season, enticing anglers to test their skills against these formidable adversaries.

Gummy Sharks Galore

For those seeking a different kind of thrill, the recent respite in weather conditions provided the perfect opportunity to target gummy sharks. A flurry of activity ensued, with anglers reeling in an abundance of these nocturnal predators. The morning and afternoon sessions witnessed a spectacle of gummy sharks, with numerous captures and releases punctuating the day’s endeavours. With water temperatures on the rise, hovering around the 18-degree mark at Montague Island, the stage is set for an extended gummy shark season, promising adrenaline-pumping encounters for those willing to venture into the depths.

Narooma Fishing

Looking Ahead

As the season unfolds, anticipation mounts among anglers eager to unlock the secrets of Narooma’s aquatic paradise. With each passing day, the allure of the ocean beckons, offering the promise of memorable encounters with snapper, kingfish, and gummy sharks. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice enthusiast, Narooma’s waters hold boundless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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