Snapper and Gummy Sharks

Fishing out of Narooma this weekend was completely different to the previous with the majority of kingfish at Montague island undersize and the seals making life very difficult, a change in tactics this afternoon we fished north of Narooma chasing gummy sharks and snapper and it paid off with 3 nice gummy sharks along with unfortunately losing a couple, plus a cracking snapper session with 2 snapper over the 70cm mark the best going 75 around the 5+kg mark along with a bunch of smaller 1.5kg fish not to mention the 40 flatties while gummy fishing! Not bad for an afternoons work

Gummy Sharks and Snapper

Finally with a break in the weather on Saturday and Sunday we managed to get out. Kingfish remain hit and miss at Montague Island, with 1 legal fish around 75cm and a few rats on Saturday, plus plenty of reef fish. Sunday a change of tactics, saw some better quality snapper and 2 unreal session on gummy sharks, with big numbers of gummy sharks in the morning and afternoon trip, keeping a few and realising a couple also. Water temps sneaking up to 18 degrees at Montague Island so we expect kingfish to only improve.

Snapper and Kingfish

After a very quite few weeks things are starting to kick into gear for us here in Narooma, snapper fishing is really starting to improve for us here on the coast with fish up to 70cm. The past couple day with 67 and 68cm fish landed and plenty smaller snapper. We have also caught a couple small kingfish and seen a few schools of bigger kingfish starting to move around Montague Island and with the water temp warming up to around 16.4 degrees we could be in with an early kingfish season.

Bluefin Tuna season Narooma

Bluefin Tuna season started well for us her and ended very quickly with the fish moving on early  in July. good numbers of bluefin Tuna have been caught off Sydney and now Wollongong. in the past few days and with the water pushing souther is is always a chance of a late season bite in the next 2 weeks. Fingers Crossed!

On a different note, whales are well and truely here and the next 2 months are the best time of the year for whale watching and penguins tours!





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