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Reef fishing might sometimes seem dependent on luck. On some days, you get a lot of fish; the next day, the fish don’t bite. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With our reef fishing tips, you can always get a good catch, even as a beginner. 

Let’s go a-baiting!

Find the Perfect Reef

You can’t just get on the water and start fishing on the reef. Depending on several factors, there are perfect spots for reef fishing. Many reef fishing charters would have mapped out the best spots for you with GPS coordinates before leaving the harbour. 

Spots with water movement are more likely to yield a good catch. You also want to pay attention to wear the bait is. If there is bait, there are bound to be predators somewhere close. 

Learn the Weather

Reef fishing requires that your boat stays steady above the reef for successful fishing. However, a strong tide of wind or an unexpected storm can knock that out of the water. So, it would be best if you learned about the weather. 

You should know how to read the wind and check the speed and direction of the tide. If you still need to learn how to do this well and are in unfamiliar waters, get an experienced guide to accompany you. 

Get the Right Gear

Fishing over a reef differs from fishing in other parts of the water. Therefore, you have to choose your gear carefully. You don’t want to leave empty-handed, or worse, with damaged equipment. 

We recommend that you get a free spooling trolling reel or a spinning gear that can hold a heavy test line. You must also use a braided fishing line, a strong swivel, and a large, oval sinker. Our reef fishing charters service will provide the fishing gear you need. 

Enhance Your Narooma Fishing Experience with Daiwa Products

At Charter Fish Narooma, we swear by Daiwa fishing products for our exhilarating reef and game fishing adventures. Nearly every impressive catch showcased on our website was reeled in using a Daiwa rod and reel during one of our thrilling excursions off the coast of Narooma.

Daiwa’s extensive range of tackle, rods, and reels caters to the diverse array of species found in Narooma’s waters and beyond. Whether you’re a novice angler embarking on your first game fishing trip in Narooma or a seasoned expert targeting the vibrant reefs, Daiwa offers the perfect gear to suit your fishing preferences and needs.

Use the Right Bait

The right bait is key to a bountiful catch in reef fishing. It would help if you used live bait like crabs, mullets, and shrimp. These live fishes and other varieties of fish are more likely to attract the attention of predatory fish than others. 

You can also use fresh cuts of these live bait if you can’t get the live bait. Ensure that the bait is freshly cut and not rotten or frozen. We could help you get the bait if you came unexpectedly. 

Go for the Experience

One sure way to enjoy your reef fishing is to go with an experienced guide. If you are new to reef fishing charters in South Coast, use a local guide that understands the area. It would make it easier for you to enjoy the fishing and relax during the trip. 


Charter Fish Narooma is the best fishing guide for any fishing you want to do. With over 30 years of experience on the water, we know the best spot for reef fishing. Our half-day reef fishing offer includes fishing gear, a boat, and electronics. 

Our experiences with Daiwa gear extend across a wide spectrum of fishing environments, from the open blue waters where we’ve tackled Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Mackerel, Kingfish, Blue Eye, Harpuka, and Sharks, to estuaries, rivers, and dams where we’ve pursued Bream, Flathead, Jewfish, Bass, Barramundi, Saratoga, Trout, and many more.

Our reliance on Daiwa products has consistently delivered exceptional results, with no gear failures to date. It’s this track record of reliability and performance that reinforces our commitment to using and recommending Daiwa gear for all your fishing adventures.

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