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The Most Effective Bait and Lures for Deep Sea Fishing

By November 28, 2022December 14th, 2023No Comments

Deep Sea Fishing narooma

Whether this is your first deep-sea fishing trip or you’ve been on many, you know how crucial it is to be well prepared. Your preparation is hardly complete until you consider picking the right bait. 

You must remember that deep-sea fishing requires more skill than lake fishing. As such, you should look for deep-sea fishing lures that can effectively catch bigger fish in these deeper waters offshore. 

To help you, we have selected some of the best baits for deep-sea fishing. These deep-sea fishing lures have proven effective and will help you catch some of the largest fish, even in the most challenging waters. 


Shrimp is a good bait for deep-sea fishing. This is because they are naturally abundant in saltwater ecosystems, and the aroma and action of swimming shrimp can attract fish. 

Fish of all sizes are attracted to shrimp, and large fishes enjoy shrimps just as little fishes. Shrimp can be a good bait for deep-sea fishing of many fish species, including snappers, redfish, and others.

It doesn’t matter whether the shrimp is alive or dead; you can use it as bait for deep-sea fishing and make good catches. The only problem with shrimp is that they may be pricey since they are also consumed as human food. 

Trolling Spoons

A metal trolling spoon is another option for best bait for deep-sea fishing. This bait for deep-sea fishing works best for catching mackerel and bluefish. These two fishes are easily tempted by narrow, shiny silver metal spoons that flap.

Due to their sharp teeth, mackerel and bluefish need a 20-to-40-pound monofilament or wire leader when fishing for them. Put a swivel between your fishing line and the leader to prevent the line from twisting while you troll.

Divers’ plugs

Deep diving plugs drop to the bottom and swim back to the top. Most deep-diving plugs include a lip that helps them dive swiftly. These deep-sea fishing lures are used in deep lakes, rivers, and the ocean to reach fish lurking in the depths.

Deep diving plugs are typically trolled at 6-12 knots behind an offshore fishing boat. The boat’s speed varies depending on the fish type and the environment. 

Life Fish Bait

Deep Sea Fishing narooma

Generally speaking, during deep-sea fishing, larger bait will result in larger fish catches. Live fish baits are effective deep-sea fishing lures because large fishes are drawn to the scent and movement of their prey.

You can go to a bait store and buy some live baitfish or catch some yourself. Ballyhoo, bluefish, pilchards, and pinfish are all common choices for live bait. In addition to fish, you can also use eels and crabs.

If you are looking for sharks and other large-sized fishes, consider using Menhaden, squid, or small to medium-sized mackerel. 


There is no such thing as the best bait for deep-sea fishing. Instead, there are different baits for deep-sea fishing that work best depending on the target fish and the fishing conditions. Ideally, you should find what works for you and work with it. 

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