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bluefin tuna

We’re always getting questions from keen anglers about the best time to visit Narooma for a bluefin tuna fishing adventure. When is the bluefin tuna season? This is a recurring question. As local fishing guides, we’re experienced in chasing these powerful fish in the waters of Montague Island.

In this blog, we will share with you our knowledge about when bluefin tuna season is at its peak. But don’t take our word for it. Visit Narooma to experience the thrill yourself. The tuna are calling.

What Months Are Peak Bluefin Tuna Season in Narooma?

Knowing when is bluefin tuna season is important for most tourists looking to fish on the Narroman waters. If you’re keen on reeling in bluefin tuna, the best time to wet your lines in the waters of Narooma is from December through May. As local guides, we know these months offer peak fishing conditions for these predators.

December through February is when the water temperature starts rising. The baitfish that the tuna feed on become more active during these months.

Also, March and April are excellent months to plan your Bluefin tuna fishing trip. During autumn, the tuna tend to gather in large schools, so the action can be fast and furious if you find them. Be prepared for the fight of your life if you hook one of these hard-charging fish.

You could also consider summer through autumn. It is the prime time to chase these ocean gladiators. That is if battling a powerful bluefin tuna in the stunning waters of Narooma sounds like the thrill of a lifetime.

What Kind of Bluefin Tuna Can I Catch During These Months?

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Here are some of the amazing bluefin tuna you might catch during these peak months:

Albacore (Longfin)

During the summer months, from December to March, large schools of albacore tuna, also known as longfin tuna, migrate along the coast of Narooma. Trolling with live baits like mackerel, mullet or squid at varying depths effectively hooking albacore.

Southern Bluefin

The cooler autumn and winter months from April to August see the arrival of southern bluefin tuna in the waters of Montague Island. Southern Bluefin is a challenging opponent on light tackle. Their ruby-coloured meat is considered a delicacy. Drift fishing with live baits is the preferred technique for a trophy southern bluefin.

The waters of Narooma offer some of the best bluewater sportfishing in Australia. Whether you want to catch a prize albacore for the table, battle a giant southern bluefin or have an encounter with a mako shark – a trip to Narooma is your best bet.

Essential Gear You’ll Need for Bluefin Tuna Fishing

You’ll need some essential gear to land one of these trophy fish. As locals who have spent decades on the water, here are our recommendations for the gear you’ll want to bring:

  • Rod and reel
  • Heavy tackle
  • Chum and bait
  • Safety gear
  • Storage

With the right gear and local knowledge from our experienced guides, you’ll be ready to battle these powerful fish. We look forward to seeing you soon on the Narooma waters.


The summer bluefin tuna season only lasts a few short months. Avid anglers from all over the world flock to Narooma to battle these powerful game fish.

Whenever you visit, you’ll experience the thrill of the chase out on the water of Narooma. We recommend booking your spot 3-6 months in advance if you want to fish on the weekends or holidays.

Our charter team are experienced specifically at targeting bluefin tuna off Narooma. Call or book online today before spots are gone. Before you know it, the summer is over.